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As a federally designated National Resource Center, the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center provides training and educational materials for K-12 teachers and community college instructors in the Midwest. The Center’s programs assist educators in developing curriculum and are designed to teach students about geography, culture, government, and history through hands-on activities and interesting lessons.

  • The REEE Multimedia Library—a resource for curriculum units, films, videos, slides, and other teaching materials available at no cost.
  • International Summer Institute (ISI)—a topical week-long curriculum development workshop held jointly with the other area studies centers.
  • Summer Curriculum Development Workshops—offer professional development and course credit while providing curricular strategy and lesson plans.
  • Fulbright Study Abroad—a U.S. Department of Education program for teachers to develop a better understanding of Russian studies with an in-country experience.
  • Update / Illinois International Review—newsletters with resources for K-12 teachers.
  • Lesson Plans—designed to meet state standards.
  • Culture Kits—students discover other cultures by exploring authentic tangible items.
  • Story and Craft Time Curriuculums—designed to introduce younger children to new cultures.
  • Other Resources—links to other resources available on the web.


Curriculum Materials

Documentary Film Curricula

Curriculum Module - Violence Overload? Promoting Sensitivity to Human Suffering: The Case of Bosnia

These Curricula were designed to be used within 9-12 grade and Community College courses. Additionally, the curricula can serve as supplemental materials for collegiate survey courses.