2017 SRL Research Associates


Institutional Affiliation
Title of Research Project

Aidukaitis, Sharisa

University of Virginia Graduate Student Slavic Studies Women's Political Poetry in Ukraine
Ament, Suzanne Radford University Associate Professor History The Ultimate Team: The History of Guide Dogs in the US and USSR
Bechtel, Michael University of Chicago Graduate Student Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations The End of the Nomadic Military Elite: Technology and Institutional Change in Medieval Central Eurasia
Blake, Elizabeth Saint Louis University Assistant Professor Languages, Literatures, Cultures Networks of Conspirators in Dostoevsky's Siberia
Bucher, Greta U.S. Military Academy Professor History Women's Health in Russia and the Soviet Union
Clay, Catherine Shippensburg University Associate Professor History Bee-Keeping & Public History: The Russian Museum of the 21st Century
D'Alessandri, Antonio Roma Tre University Assistant Professor History National Awakening and State Building in Ottoman and Independent Serbia: A Case Study of Modern Balkan Nationalism
Doležalová, Eva Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences Researcher Medieval History Image of the Jews in the High and Late Medieval Bohemian Society in Comparison to the Holy Roman Empire
Engel, Barbara University of Colorado Distinguished Professor Emerita History Marriage, Household and Home from Peter the Great to Putin
Erley, Mieka Colgate University Assistant Professor Russian and Eurasian Studies Black Soil, Red Earth: Soil in Russian Culture
Galmarini-Kabala, Maria James Madison University Assistant Professor History The Legal Codification of Disability Rights and the Humaneness of Socialism under Leonid Breznev
Garcia de la Puente, Ines Boston University Assistant Professor World Languages and Literatures The Translated Worlds of Kievan Rus'
Glade, Shirley   Independent Researcher Art History The Cultural, Economic and Technical Significance of Ol'ga Vladimirovna Lelikova's Acheivements in Icon Restoration at the State Scientific-Research Institute of Restoration
Hodgkin, Samuel University of Chicago Graduate Student Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Lahuti: Persian Poetry in the Making of the Literary International, 1906-1957
Hokanson, Katya University of Oregon Associate Professor Russian Literature Russia 1900: Empire, Women, Travel Writing
Kabala, Jakub Davidson College Assistant Professor History Frontier Spaces: Frankish, Papal and Byzantine Visions of Central Europe, c. 750 - c. 1000 A.D.
Lahana, Martha   Independent Researcher History A.S. Matveev. 1625-1682
Liber, George University of Alabama at Birmingham Professor History Democratic Breakthroughs and Consolidations: Soviet Ukraine to Independent Ukraine, 1985-2014
Liskova, Katerina Masaryk University Assistant Professor Sociology Constructing Socialist Subjects: Sciences of the Mind during State Socialism in East-Central Europe
McCallum, Claire University of Exeter Lecturer History "Let Us Beat Swords into Ploughshares!": The Soviet Fight for Peace, 1945-79
McDaniel, Cadra Texas A&M University-Central Texas Assistant Professor Liberal Studies/History Depictions of Social, Political, and National Identities in Late Tsarist Russia
Miller, Melissa University of Notre Dame Lecturer German and Russian Boring Stories? Narrative Medicine in Russian Literature and Culture
Milliman, Paul University of Arizona Associate Professor History The First Invention of Eastern Europe: Sclavia, Scythia, and the East in the Medieval Map of Civilization
Morales, Maite Florida International University Graduate Student History Cuba Soviética: Popular Culture and Everyday Life in Matanzas, 1972-1982
Nordgaard, Ingrid Yale University Graduate Student Slavic Languages and Literatures Moving Modernism: Russian Modernism and Scandinavia, 1891-1910
Paulauskiene, Ausra LCC International University Professor English Eastern Europe in Contemporary American Literature
Pevny, Olenka Cambridge University Lecturer Slavonic Studies "Living" Orthodoxy and Metropolitan Petro Mohyla's (d. 1647) Restoration of the Kyivan Rus Patrimony
Radwanska-Williams, Joanna Macao Polytechnic Institute Professor Linguistics The Kazan School: Jan Baudouin de Courtenay and Mikoɫaj Kruszewski
Rewinski, Zachary University of Wisconsin Graduate Student Slavic Revolution and its Contents: Heroes, Villians, and Historical Time in the 1927 Anniversary of the October Revolution
Roman, Rosibel Florida International University Graduate Student Geography/Historical Geography Quiet River, Heavy Waters: Un-silencing Nuclear Narratives of Socio-environmental Inequalities in the Cradle of Soviet Plutonium, 1945-1977
Romanchuk, Robert Florida State University Associate Professor Slavic, Modern Languages and Linguistics The "Formulaic Style" and Its Role in the Translation of Digenis Akritis into Old Slavic
Romaniello, Matthew University of Hawaii at Manoa Associate Professor History Humoral Subjects: Imperial Health in Eighteenth-Century Russia
Rozhenkova, Veronika University of California at Los Angeles Graduate Student Education Internationalization of Russian Regional Universities
Tcacenco, Andrei University of California at Santa Cruz Graduate Student History Ideology, Conflict, and Soviet Nostalgia in Eastern Europe: 1953-Present
Theobald, Emily University of Florida Graduate Student Historical Musicology Krzysztof Penderecki's Polish Requiem: Musical Memorialization of 20th-Century Poland
Verkholantsev, Julia University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor Slavic Languages and Literatures Medieval Historian at Work: Historical Method and Linguistic Thought
Vsetecka, John Michigan State University Graduate Student History Feeding the Mind, Starving the Body: Children, Education, and Social Memory during the Ukranian Holodomor, 1928-1933
Williams, Amanda University of Mississippi Graduate Student History Material for Maternity: The Abortion Procedure, Communist Morality, and Housing in the Soviet Union under Khrushchev and Breznev
Zinn, Hannah University of Oklahoma Graduate Student History Between Citizen and State: Alexandra Cherkasova and the Reconstruction of Postwar Stalingrad