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  • Guide to Blogs Related to Russian Current Events Created to introduce blogs as useful resources for students, scholars and the public at large. It is maintained by staff at the Russian, East European and Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois.
  • Gazeta.Ru is a leading online newspaper specializing in Russian and CIS issues, providing continuous and concise English news and analysis of the political, economic, corporate, media, and military developments affecting the region.
  • Jamestown Foundation's Trends in the News Keep abreast of what's often not emphasized in international media. Track events and developments, and pick out the trends. These lists of news and links are updated throughout the week.
  • Moscow Times You must subscribe to it to view.
  • New Russia Barometer
  • Panorama From its inception in 1989, Panorama has specialized in detailed reports on new political organizations and the views of their leaders. Contains a large store of information on reform and civil society in the former Soviet Union, and is a useful resource on elections, the main parties and politicians. Mainly in Russian, with some English.
  • Pravda In Russian.
  • RIA-Novosti: Russian Information Agency
  • Russia Today
  • Russian Elections Links:
    • Russian Duma Elections 1999 Maintained by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Carnegie Moscow Center. It features an election calendar, information about political parties and blocs, polling data, and relevant links.
    • Russian Election Watch Bulletin Created by the Harvard Strengthening Democratic Institutions Project
    • A joint project of the Centre for the Study of Public Policy (University of Strathclyde) and the Russian Center for Public Opinion and Market Research (VCIOM)
  • Russian Radio Stations Links to Russian radio stations on the internet in Real Audio format.
  • Russian Television Networks Live Programming on the Web:
  • St. Petersburg Times Published twice a week.
  • ModernRussia Covers topics of the economy, business sectors, policy initiatives, the legal system, regional development and culture

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