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Update is a newsletter for K-12 teachers published by the four area studies—African, East Asian, Latin American and Russian, East European, and Eurasian—centers at the University of Illinois. Since 2005, the Update newsletter has been merged with the Illinois International Review and renamed "Global Engagement" within the Review. If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive free hard copies of the Illinois International Review, please contact the Office of International Engagement, Communications and Protocol at int-eng-prot@uiuc.edu

This website has the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center's portion only.

Illinois International Review

  • IL Review No. 4 (winter 2007) Resources for teaching REEE children's stories
  • IL Review No. 3 (fall 2006) New resources
  • IL Review No. 2 (spring 2006) Go to page 19 - Desiccation of the Aral Sea
  • IL Review No. 1 (fall 2005) Go to page 20 - New resources

Update Newsletter

Back Issues

Please note that the Center also has paper copies of Update issues as far back as 1987. The following is a list of topics for issues since 1995. To obtain copies of these issues or to inquire about topics and availability of previous issues, please contact the Center at reec@illinois.edu.

  • No. 76 (Feb. 1998) Russian opera
  • No. 75 (Fall 1997) Resources
  • No. 74 (March 1997) Migration in the Former Soviet Union
  • [no. 73]
  • No. 72 (Fall 1996) Resources
  • No. 71 (April 1996) Religion and the State
  • [no. 70]
  • No. 69 (December 1995) The Media in Post-Communist Societies
  • No. 68 (Fall 1995) Resources
  • No. 67 (May 1995) Water Resources and Issues
  • No. 66 (March 1995) A Health Crisis in Russia