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The Center News was published biannually until Spring 2010. Now REEEC sends out a monthly eNewsletter via our Listserv. Below, REEEC has archived blog articles that have appeared in the eNewsletter. To sign up for the Monthly eNewsletter, please use the following link: We welcome your comments and suggestions. To receive a hard copy of the Center News, please contact

2016-17 Center E-news articles (in pdf)

May-June E-News 2017 - web archive

Spring Reception 2017

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Laura Dean: "Incongruent Implementation of Human Rights-Based Policy in the Post-Soviet Region

Professional Development Workshop: Terrell Starr, "Covering Trump in an Age of Russian Propaganda Wars"

Distinguished Lecture: Sergey Zenkin, "Revolutionary Event and Literary Discourse"

REEEC New Directions Lecture: Martin Previsic, "The Yugoslav Gulag: The Goli otok (Barren Island) Labor Camp, 1949-1956

REEEC Noontime Scholars Lecture: Lydia Catedral, "'I just say Russian': Speaking Russian and claiming Russianness among Uzbeks in the United States"

Slavic Story Time

REPOST: Historian wants readers to experience the Russian Revolution

Professor Lilya Kaganovsky receives Provost's Campus Distinguished Promotion Award

History PhD Candidate Deirdre Ruscitti Harshman Awarded Midwest Slavic Association's Student Essay Prize

FLAS Fellow Benjamin Wheeler Starts a Radio Show in Tbilisi, Georgia

Student News

New & Select Fall 2017 Courses - Russia, East Europe, & Eurasia

March-April E-News 2017 - web archive

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Karol Kujawa, "Migration Crisis: Implications for Turkish-EU Relations"

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Kirill Maslinsky, "The Trace of the 'Thaw' in the Emotional Palette of Soviet Children's Literature"

New Directions Lecture: Christine Evans, "17 Reasons To Get Along with the Secret Police: Tatyana Lioznova's 'Seventeen Moments of Spring' from the Soviet 1970s to the Putin Era"

International Night at Carrie Busey Elementary

REEEC Faculty Named IPRH Fellows

Faculty News

New & Select Fall 2017 Courses - Russia, East Europe, & Eurasia

February E-News 2017 - web archive

Call for Applications! Summer Research Lab 2017

Current Events Roundtable: "State Capacity at the Border: Relinquishing or Reinforcing Contentious Border Regions"

Russian Language Program - Urbana After School Child Care at Leal Elementary

Faculty Publications

Interview with Alex Tipei, Spring 2017 REEEC Visiting Lecturer

Study Abroad in Odessa, Ukraine (Summer 2016)

A Summer in St. Petersburg

Georgian Alpinism and Soviet Tourism at the Edge of Empire

Suvel Võib!

December E-News 2016 - web archive

New Directions in the Scholarship on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution: Memory and the Transnational Impact 60 Years After

Miller Comm Lecture Series: Masha Gessen, "Retrofitting Totalitarianism in Putin's Russia"

New Directions Lecture: Yuliya Zabyelina, "The Urge to Purge: Lustration in Ukraineduring Ongoing Conflict"

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Anca Mandru, "'Born through literary critique': Early Romanian Socialism and the Literary Marketplace"

Youth Literature Festival

Careers at UN and International Organizations

Prof. Cynthia Buckley Gives Keynote Address at the Greater Community AIDS Project

Fall e-news 2016 - WEB ARCHIVE

Letter from the Director

New Directions Lecture: Mark Steinberg, "Leaping into the Open Air of History: The Russian Revolution and the Utopian Imagination"

Russian Studies Panel: "Building a Russian University"

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Jasmina Savic, "Into the Bright Future: Mikhail Armalinsky's Literary Revolution and the Poetics of Porn"

New Directions Lecture: Douglas Blum, "Explaining Cultural Globalization: A Synthesis of Bourdieusian Critical Realist Approaches"

Stage Russia Presents: Eugene Onegin

New Directions Lecture: Alex Rabinowitch, "The Petrograd Bolsheviks and the Birth of Soviet Russia: Centennial Reflections"

Slavic Story Time

Fall 2016 Visiting Scholars: Rufat Mammadov and Sahil Guliyev

Alumna Rebecca Mitchell Awarded W. Bruce Lincoln Prize from ASEEES

Current UIUC PhD Candidate Anca Mandru Awarded the 2016 ASEEES Graduate Student Essay Prize

2016-2017 FLAS Fellows

August e-news 2016 - WEB ARCHIVE

2016 Ralph and Ruth Fisher Forum: Population, Health and Social Change in Eurasia

2016 Fisher Fellow: Anastasiya Boika

2016 Summer Research Laboratory Reception and Slavic Reference Service 40th Anniversary Celebration

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Tricia Starks, "Tobacco as Product, Producer and Saboteur of Empire"

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Elaine MacKinnon, "'Found in Translation': Exploring Soviet History, Memory, and Identity Through Lyudmila Miklashevskaya's Memoir Povtorenie proidennego

Noontime Scholars Lecture: Anastasiya Boika, "Curing the Ailments of City Living: The Garden City in Late Imperial Russia"

What is Political Reconciliation? Reflections on Reconciliation After the Karadzic Trial

may e-news 2016 - WEB ARCHIVE

Citizens of the World Festival

Noontime Lecture: Katerina Capkova, "The Construction of Jewish Identities in Stalinist Poland and Czechoslovakia"

Prime Minister of Georgia and U of I Alum, Giorgi Kvirikashvili Visits Campus

CAS/MillerComm Lecture: Karen Dawisha, "Is Russia a Kleptocracy? And If So, Who Cares and So What?"

Spring 2016 Honors

Spring Reception 2016

APRIL e-news 2016 - WEB ARCHIVE

Slavic Story Time

New Directions Lecture: Faith Hillis, "Europe's Russian Colonies: Tsarist Emigres and the Quest for Freedom in Nineteenth-Century Europe"

Georgian Anchiskhati Choir

Fall 2016 Course Offerings

REEEC New Directions Lecture: Gordon Smith, “Plus ça change: Legacies of Soviet Legal Culture in Russia Today”

LCTL Training Workshop

Olympiada of Spoken Russian Takes Place at the University of Illinois

March e-news 2016 - WEB ARCHIVE

New Directions Lecture by Alexandra Balod: Country Risk in Russia

Alexandra Balod: "How a Social Sciences Background Can Boost Your Career in Finance"

New Directions Lecture: Igor Fedyukin, "Prozhektery: Educational Innovation as an 'Administrative Enterprise' in Russia from Peter I to Putin"

february e-news 2016 - web archive

REEEC Graduate Assistant Staff Highlight: Stephanie Chung

Anna Shternshis, "Machine Guns, Mothers' Graves and Hitler the Haman: Soviet Yiddish Songs of World War II"

REEEC Event: Performance by Tuvan Throat-Singing Ensemble Alash

January e-news 2016 - web archive

REEEC Welcomes New Outreach and Programming Coordinator Sam Celmer

REEEC Director, David Cooper, Welcomes the New Spring Semester

REEEC Faculty Achievements, Fall 2015

Summer Research Lab and Fisher Forum 2016 Announcement

December e-news 2015 - web archive

REEEC Welcomes New Associate Director Dr. Maureen Marshall

Traveling to Europe: An Introduction to Alumnus Jeremy Crumpton's Travel and Language Study Blog

REEEC Winter Reception 2015

REEEC Headstart Program

November e-news 2015 - web archive

Visiting Scholar Highlight - Sang Chul Park

Dr. Paskal Zhelev, "New Trends in the EU Industrial Policy - Implications for Bulgaria"

Marina Filipovic, "The Digestive Tract of the Universe: Andrei Platonov's 'Antropo-tekhnika'"

A Summer in Kyrgyzstan: Slavic Languages and Literatures Ph.D. Candidate Nadia Hoppe's Summer Russian Language Experience

New Directions Lecture: Eliot Borenstein, "The Talking Dead: Articulating the 'Zombified' Subject Under Putin"

Spring Course Offerings

Padraic Kenney - "The Political Prisoner as a Global Figure"

October e-news 2015 - web archive

Faculty Highlight -- Roman Ivashkiv

REEEC Affiliated faculty Prof. Mohammad Babadoost on the Likely Canned Pumpkin Shortage

A "Minute With" Richard Tempest on Vladimir Putin and his Leadership Style in the Wake of Syria

Dr. Erik Scott, "Familiar Strangers: The Georgian Diaspora and the Evolution of the Soviet Empire."

Allan Mustard--Ambassador to Turkmenistan

september e-news 2015 - web archive

Visiting Scholar Highlight - Paskal Zhelev

New Directions Lecture: Dr. Zsuzsa Gille, "Paprika, Foie Gras and Red Mud: Hungary Ten Years after EU Accession"

REEEC 2015 Fall Reception

August e-news 2015 - web archive

Letter from the Director

Associate Director Alisha Kirchoff's Farewell Event

2015 Summer Research Laboratory Reception

2015 Fisher Fellow Sean McDaniel

Empire on the Steppe: Migration and Settlement in northern Kazakhstan from the Late 19th to the Early 20th Century

European Community - Yugoslav Relations: Documents that Mattered (1980-1992)

Creators of 19th century Czech literary hoaxes deserve credit, says academic David Cooper

Women's sexual risk-taking in tourism focus of new study

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