Hans Henrich Hock Ph.D.

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Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Professor Emeritus of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Professor Emeritus of Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

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PhD, Yale University, 1971

MA, Northwestern University, Linguistics, Evanston, IL

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Research / Training Specializations

Sanskrit studies Linguistics, including South Asian linguistic convergence

Distinctions / Awards

Fellow, Linguistic Society of America, 2013



  • Hock, Hans Henrich. Language History, Language Change, and Language Relationship: An Introduction to historical and comparative linguistics. Comp. Brian D. Joseph. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 2009.
  • Hock, Hans Henrich. An early Upanisadic reader, with notes, glossary, and an appendix of related Vedic texts. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2007.

Book Contributions

  • Hock, Hans Henrich. "Issues in Sanskrit agreement." Issues in Sanskrit agreement. In: Indic across the millennia: From the Rigveda to Modern Indo-Aryan. Ed. Jared S. Klein. Bremen: Hempen Verlag, 2012. 49-58.
  • "Default, animacy, avoidance: Diachronic and synchronic agreement variations with mixed-gender antecedents." Grammatical changes in Indo-European languages. 2009.
  • "Labiopalatalization in Indo-European Languages." Proceedings of the 20th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. 2009.
  • "Middle Indo-Aryan “Aspirate” Clusters Revisited." Anantam Śāstram: Indological and Linguistic Studies in Honour of Bertil Tikkanen. 2009.

Edited Books

  • Hock, Hans Henrich. Vedic studies: Language, culture, and philosophy. New Delhi: D. K. Printworld, 2014.

Journal Articles

  • Hock, Hans Henrich, and Indranil Dutta. "Prosodic incorporation of English utterance final vocatives." The EFL Journal 4.2 (2013): 1-20.
  • Hock, Hans Henrich. "Proto-Indo-European verb finality: Reconstruction, typology, validation." Journal of Historical Linguistics 3.1 (2013): 49-76.
  • Hock, Hans Henrich. "Sanskrit and Panini: Core and periphery." Sanskrita Vimarsha 6 (2012): 85-102.