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Video/ Radio Archives of Speaker Events

Speaker events

2013 Zsuzsa Gille - Illinois International Guest Speaker (Video)

2012 Lidia Grafova - REEEC Distinguished Speaker Series (Video)

2012 Diane Koenker - REEEC Distinguished Speaker Series (audio)

Past will Focus 580 programs

2012 Andrew C. Kuchins - The Russian Presidential Elections (audio)

2011 Robin Hessmen - WILL interview for My Perestroika (audio)

2010 Artemyi Troitsky - The History of Russian Rock /n/ Roll (audio)

2009 Andranik Migranyan - Is a New Agenda for Russian-American Relations Possible? (audio)

2009 Klaus Dodds -"The Arctic, It's Hot: Implications of an Ice-Free Arctic for Global Security"

Radio programs of interest

2011 Vaclav Havel: A Legacy (audio)



Past Fisher Forums

2013 Fisher Forum Early Russian Itineraries: Movement and the Space of the Russian Empire

2012 Fisher Forum Political Spaces in Eurasia: Global Contexts, Local Outcomes

2011 Fisher Forum Finding a Place in the Soviet Empire: Cultural Production and the Friendship of Nations

2010 Fisher Forum The Socialist 1960s

2009 Fisher Forum Russia's Role in Human Mobility

2008 Fisher Forum Interpreting Emotion in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia

2007 Fisher Forum Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as Writer, Myth-Maker and Public Figure

2006 Fisher Forum Book Arts, Culture and Media in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia

2005 Fisher Forum Commodity, Consumer, Entrepreneur? Women and the Marketplace

2004 Fisher Forum Winds of Societal Change: Remaking Postcommunist Cities

Past Annual Center Conferences

2013 The Micropolitics of Small-Town Life in Eastern Europe

2011 New Postsocialist Ontologies and Politics: The Annual Symposium of Soyuz

2010 Soundscapes of the Spirit: Cosmology and Sound Art from the Black to the Aral Seas

2007-2008 Building the Balkans Anew: From Metaphor to Market

2006 Post-Communist Nostalgia

2005 Commercial Law Reform in Russia and Eurasia

2004 Russian Cinema after Communism

Past Current Affairs Forums

2013 Athletics, Politics, and Dissidence: What Sochi 2014 Can Teach Us About Putin 2.0

2009 The Fall of the Berlin Wall

2008 Russia at the Crossroads

2007 Confronting the New Eurasia

2005 Shade of Revolution: Democratization in the Former Soviet Nations

2004 Communities and Conflict in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Past Symposiums

2011 Shostakovich: The Quartets in Context

2009 Global Security, Climate Change and the Arctic; Panel Discussion

Past Conferences

2013 Engaging the Law in Eurasia and Eastern Europe

2012 SGSA Conference - Discourse Across Borders : Slavic Studies from Kievan Rus to Present Day

2010 Midwest Russian History Workshop

Past joint area centerS symposiums

2012 Cities and Inequalities in a Transnational World

2011 Iran at Large: The Global Emergence of a Regional Power? Conference videos

2009 Joint Area Studies Symposium